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After a thorough research TSDS found that there is a key gap in the demand and supply of jobs available outside and reason found was the level of practical approach of students towards various job requirements. This basic requirement motivated us to start this institute wherein we are trying to address the need by our training abilities. We train students on real workable concepts, complementing it with practical examples to ensure that students have a balanced approach towards the work that they are required to do in the industry. This mix of theory and practice makes a successful student.

TSDS offers various skill development courses that help to enhance individual qualities and abilities. It offers:

  • Flexible and Quality course material.
  • Periodic and random checks and upgradation of the course content to ensure quality.
  • Examinations and evolution to impart quality education.
  • Continuous interaction between the administrative office and each of the students in better understanding of the students needs.
  • TSDS constantly develops new courses and modules to face the changing and challenging in the upcoming technologies.
  • TSDS is an arising educational and skill development institute increasing its reach and presence in the industry. The growth is well supported by appropriate promotional plans creating constant viability for the centers.

Franchisee Services

Interested to join with us

  • The study Centre of TSDS has been imparting developments in both the rural and urban areas by providing the IT services and awarding certifications, which have been permitted by Directorate employment and training, Govt of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The study Centre should be at a prime location of the city/town. The Centre should have separate rooms for conducting classes as well as labs.
  • The study Centre should have a well equipped library, housing books as prescribed by the TSDS administrative office.
  • The study Centre shall subscribe to periodicals as suggested and students should have easy access to both and periodicals.

Benefits of being associated with TSDS :

  • ISO Certification
  • Experienced Head Office Support
  • Quality course material flexible.
  • Permitted by D.O.E. & T , Govt. of A.P.
  • Permitted by Ministry of Labour & Emp. Govt. of INDIA

Corporate support:

  • TSDS constantly develops new courses and modules to face the changing and challenging in the upcoming technologies. These would be offered to the study Centre as per the agreement and TSDS to time.
  • TSDS is a growing organization consultancy increasing its reach and presence. The growth is supported by advertisements and promotional plans creating constant viability for the Centres.

  Role of Study Centres

  • Study centres have to maintain student data and attendance register (either soft copy/hard copy /both).
  • TSDS examination committee refers Study Centre director or faculty or other appointed by Study Centre.
  • Study centres have to conduct exams theory and practical's both to the students .
  • Study centres have to send the results of students in prescribed format after duly evaluating exam papers conducted by them .
  • TSDS only certify the results of the student sent by the Study centres.
  • TSDS provides guidelines to frame syllabus and course names, Study centres has the freedom to change the syllabus and course names according to their business requirements .

For other details please contact our head office or call us at 040-6666 3444