DWD(Diploma in Web Designing) Duration 6 Months

Internet is the power that connects computers across the globe helps in communicating with each other using the Internet Protocol. Internet allows for access information and all kinds of data freely for just a basic usage charges. Web pages can be designed and Websites can be published in the Internet through which others can share the information. Lot of business activity takes place through Websites and it is a revenue generation tool for industry and business firms. There is value in the market for those who master the technique of web designing.

Objectives :

  • To generate web designers.
  • To generate self and wage employment

Skills offered :

  • Handling various operating systems
  • Designing and hosting creative web sites.
  • Generating graphics and animation

Employment opportunities :

  • Web designers in software companies
  • Web development
  • Sales assistant in E-market
  • Web designing centers
  • Web maintenance centers