DCA(Diploma in Computer Applications) Duration 6 Months

Use of computers makes a number of tasks easier and faster. Computers are helpful in improving productivity and efficiency either at the office or at home. One need not be computer wizard to use computer, little enthusiasm and interest is enough.

This course aims to offer skills in using MS Office for general and official purpose. It also helps in developing skills in programming through C and C++. Further, we allow students to go for Project work by applying the skills in developing a simple application.

Objectives :

  • To develop professional competence in using computers.
  • To generate self and wage employment

Skills offered :

  • Handling various operating systems
  • Programming and system maintenance
  • Data processing

Employment opportunities once you finish this course :

  • Programmers in software companies
  • Processing In-charges
  • Sales assistant in E-market
  • Information service centers
  • Establishing DTP centers
  • Software development centers